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Better tools to find candidates faster

A better process from start to finish. Whether your goal is lowering your cost per hire, shortening your hiring cycle or improving the quality of job seekers applying to your vacancies, MyAuditions is here to deliver a solution.

Reach your target audience. Exposure of your vacancies to a targeted audience of qualified performing arts professionals worldwide.

A fast and cost-efficient way to locate and attract top talent. Efficiently collect and review resume submissions, thus speeding up the entire recruitment process. Instead of running a traditional Help-Wanted ad that has limited exposure, MyAuditions Single Ad Postings can be seen by tens of thousands of job seekers instantly. Post a job in the morning and start receiving resumes the same day.

No third party approval and no publication deadlines. Postings become active and are searchable in the database the moment you post them. No waiting period.

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Post unlimited complimentary vacancies 24 x 7. Your job postings can be updated with ease - add or edit your job postings as often as you like. It's up to you which jobs are posted, when and for how long and best of all, it's free.

Target job seekers that meet your requirements. Search by area code, zip code, job title, experience, salary and more. Or, you can create candidate search agents that search on your behalf. Our agents will email you alerts with any resumes that meet the criteria you define.

Full automation helps you manage your time more effectively. Increase your productivity and reduce your overhead administrative costs with automated vacancy posting‚ renewals, removal‚ daily email agents‚ and real-time statistics. We streamline the internal processes and keep your applicants informed of their status throughout the selection process.

Direct access to the candidates you need. Our resume database is your source for finding some of today's top talent with more opportunities to connect to ideal candidates.

Manage all of your recruiting needs with one comprehensive online tool. Our Desktop packages can help deliver more targeted candidates faster and easier than ever before.

Full tracking of the resume process. Our technology is designed to make the entire process more manageable with automated job tools and full tracking of an applicant's progression helping you to achieve measurable results.

Real-time statistics available. Time/date stamp features, distribution functionality and real-time statistics make managing the process easier.

Matching features help you sort out less qualified responses. Receive automatic email notification from job seekers who apply. Resumes are then disseminated using our multi-filtering technology delivering results based on your individual hiring requirements.

Job postings stay live for the duration you specify as opposed to static and fixed advertisements in industry magazines that run for a few weeks.

Training and support‚ including an individual training session with a customer support representative.

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